This is a list of some of the recent projects Whitelancer Web Development has developed.
Watershed School
We worked to renevate the much-outdated Watershed school with a new, fun, and bright overhaul.  We set up the framework for migrating all their event and class management online, as well as setting up profiles of faculty and students.  To top it off, we built an image gallery to showcase trips, student work, school events, and more!  www.watershed-school.org.
Compass Light Productions
We worked to develop the new Compass Light website with a variety of features, including production listings and sample videos, products and online purchasing, an eye-catching listing of partners and clients, and integration with facebook and twitter.  They even have modal/pop-up video players for content so visitors need not leave the site to view any of the videos on the site.  www.compasslight.com
Hands of Change Muscular Therapy
We treated this website build to a Drupal 7 installation with focus on ease of management of the text and images to be used.  They have the ability to easily post news on the front page and can quickly get across the information required for their clientelle.  www.camdenmainemassage.com
PBR Chamber Mobile site
The local Chamber of Commerce asked us to continue development of their website by providing a mobile version of their directory of businesses and events. We proceeded forward, using Jquery Mobile to develop an HTML5 mobile site of their content.  The crowning feature of this site is that it will detect a user's location to provide map views and sorted lists for businesses and events nearby to the visitor, as well as easy methods to filter the list of businesses.  http://m.mainedreamvacation.com
Statewide Investigations
We were tasked with creating an online system for clients of Statewide to be able to log into their account and receive status updates for cases in progress and allow communication with the investigators.  In addition, there is a fully-featured webform to request an investigation, as well as the requisite information about the company as well.  statewide-investigations.com.
Revamp of Maineschooners.com
We completed a full redesign and development of the Maine Schooners website. They requested new functionality to allow easy additions of blogs, videos, and image galleries, and we also tightened the integration between the front end website with the secure online booking. In addition, the administrative side of the booking site received much work to allow all reservations, payments, and even check-in to operate through the website. maineschooners.com
Center for Maine Contemporary Art
The Center for Maine Contemporary Art asked us for a site that would allow them to showcase their wide variety of exhibitions, events, and programs in a website that was much easier to manage than their previous site. We put together a Drupal-based CMS with automatic image thumbnailing, events management, and provided visitors easy navigation to all their content.  cmcanow.org
McKittrick & Warren
We designed a easily-navigable site for users looking for services for the McKittrick & Warren law offices, with interlinking between staff bios and fields of practice dynamically.  In addition we set up a simple and easy to use image rotator to help demonstrate the family-friendly nature of this business.  www.mckittrickandwarren.com
Birchwood Motel
We took the Birchwood Motel's classy new design and built the back end for them.  We provided an easy manner to build a 2 column layout with wonderful large image layout to allow the client to update their site without needing to know any HTML.  www.birchwoodmotel.com
Smiling Cow
We rebuilt The Smiling Cow's website to feature products, blogs, and newsletters in a much more up-to-date fashion.  It sports a full-featured ecommerce suite, integrating with USPS for shipping and authorize.net for payment processing.  It also integrates with Constant Contact for email marketing. www.smilingcow.com.
Child Safety Solutions
Child Safety Solutions requested an upgrade to their existing ecommerce store. We outfitted them with a brand new store featuring faceted-style search of products as well as an assortment of methods to locate, browse, and sort products. We built a custom menu that shows available categories and products for each of their safety topics, as well as blogs, news, and calendars. We built a specialized product-quantity discount function for their products, and to top it off, we built a custom-book building section to allow customers to customize and purchase their own safety books.  www.imsafe.com
Strand Theater
The Strand Theater asked for an elegant yet easy to navigate website to showcase their plethora of events.  We built an event listing and calendar that showcases their three major types of events, along with other news and information they want to present to interested viewers.  The site dynamically shows upcoming events and offers the ability to purchase tickets online.  www.rocklandstrand.com