This is a list of some of the recent projects Whitelancer Web Development has developed.
US Harbors
A massive overhaul of all USHarbors.com regions, we added tons of social options. Share statuses, images, videos, and other information along with their locations on maps, to be integrated into the largest boating community in the world. Add in tides, weather, buoy information, and more, and it's quite a massive project.  www.usharbors.com
Wreaths of Maine
We developed an online store to promote wreath sales, but further, we devised a system that allows would-be-affiliates sign up online or by mail.  Online they can choose to either purchase a sales kit or to fill out some information and submit a photograph or essay in order to bypass the fee.  We used some image rotation systems to help provide a nice feel for the front end and used Cufon to provide some custom fonts.   www.wreathsofmaine.com
Evolution Guild
Evolution Guild - Whitelancer was contracted to build a website that supported a large group of players with forums, galleries, private messages, a wiki system, as well as webforms for requesting applications to the guild and for guild members to request in-game items for their characters. The largest piece was the custom-build event planner to allow folks to sign up for events, leave notes, automatically pull information from the game servers about their characters, and more.  To top it off, we built a visually exciting site to distinguish it from the rest.  www.evo-guild.org
CRL Chamber of Commerce
The new Camden Rockport Lincolnville Chamber of Commerce website is a very complex Drupal website, built with many types of content.  Users have control to add special offers, vacation rentals, news, and more, while also managing their own business directories and advertisements online.  Visitors have access to a faceted search engine for multiple directories, such as a general business listing, or the advanced boating, dining, or lodging areas.  It features event calendars and a plethora of images to make the site visually interesting.  www.camdenme.org
PenBay Veterinary
This site was a CMS installation using Drupal.  They wanted to embed a resource library from an external site, include webforms for clients to email about appointments, handle newsletters, as well as display multiple image galleries.  www.penbayvets.com.
Global Ocean Conference 2010
The GOC site was designed with heavy integration with videos and an easy method to navigate through the various videos.  We teamed up with local designers to develop the site using Drupal.  www.goc2010.org  
Wellness Designed
We designed and developed this website for Wellness Designed, Inc., a local medical practice oriented towards naturopathic medicine techniques.  They wanted a simple, warm, informational website.  www.wellnessdesignedinc.com
Heartwood Theater
We developed this site for a local theater/production company so they can list their upcoming productions, events, and seminars, as well as display their history of events, educational services, and a photo gallery linked to each event. It uses a complex array of categories to make for an “input once, display multiple” setup; each event is listed on the front page and the lists/archives, as well as having the attached images organized in the photo gallery.  www.heartwoodtheater.org.
World Ocean Observatory
A site dedicated to the ocean, the site is a directory for over 18,000 different organizations. This website has many different capabilities, from online radio programs, newsletters, blog posts, and automatic news feeds. It is designed to be the ultimate resource for oceans, including housing a social community similar to Myspace or Facebook, where people can share their projects and stories.  www.thew2o.net
Minds Eye Travel
Whitelancer was responsible for the complete design and development of this site, which was designed to be fully compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies.  www.mindseyetravel.com
US Harbors
(This is a sample from Rhode Island Harbors) USHarbors is an online boating guide for the entire country. Whitelancer Web Development worked with them to develop the entire site, building it so that one installation could service multiple subdomains, one for each state. It integrates with online weather and tide charts, and relies heavily upon mapping.  www.usharbors.com
Camden Snowbowl
Whitelancer Web Development completely redeveloped the Camden Snowbowl's website using Drupal as the base framework. The site supports multiple subdomains for winter/summer viewing, online season pass purchasing, online registrations for various events, an online event calendar, as well as informational pages and downloads.  www.camdensnowbowl.com